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We do all types of bad sectors removal HDD data recovery process through latest technology tools
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We are some of the best specialist in Raid Data server recovery
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Best MMC data recovery Solution provider in Nehru Place Delhi
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We provide quality and efficient service for server data recovery
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We are the best one stop solution for CCTV data recovery based in Delhi Nehru Place
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We recover any type of data from USB or Flash drives
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How Long Does SSD Can Store The Data

Head Replacement Tools

Head replacement tools (Head Combs) are a safe and easy way to change heads on hard disk drives. These tools ensure a non-contact head replacement. Non-contact head replacement implies that there is no contact between the heads, or between heads and platters in processes of dismounting the donor heads and mounting the heads on a patient drive. Traditional techniques of replacing the heads imply contact between the heads themselves and contact of heads with the platters in data area. These problems especially come to light on drives which have suffered some sort of physical damage (head crash). Heads can be transferred from donor to patient hard drive in few easy steps. During the process of head replacement, heads do not touch each other or make any contact with the platters. Each head change tool is designed for specific brands and models of hard drives since mechanics of different hard drives doesn't match.

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We at Shree Hari Tech Solutions holds 12+years experience, provides professional Data Recovery Services both for physical and logical crashes. We are alright equipped with a team of execs who are proficient in recovering all kinds of loss, corrupt and deleted data from storage media and systems that simultaneously includes – Hard drives USB flash and digital media data storage CCTV Data Recovery Service Phone Data Recovery Server Data Recovery Service It doesn’t matter, whether you're trying to find crashed hard disc recovery, server recovery or file recovery. Our experts can provide you the simplest data recovery solution as per your needs. In fact, we understand alright the value of losing valuable data and thus aim to supply our customers with effective OST recovery, RAID/NAS/SAN Servers recovery, corrupted Microsoft Exchange server databases recovery and MSSQL Server databases. In fact, we provide different sorts of filing system corruptions recovery that fairly often goes beyond the reach of the info Recovery applications. No matter how advances the pc technology is, there are situations once you too could face data corruption issue. But we've expertise to handle all causes of knowledge loss and every one sorts of devices and systems from disk drive recovery to recovering RAID systems, filing system - Microsoft, Apple, Novell, Linux, Macintosh, corrupt database - SQL, Excel, Access, VBA, DBF, Paradox and passwords of any database or email system. Data recovery isn't a child’s play. it's a technical process and thus we follow proprietary QFSCI (Quick filing system Component Identification) technology that permits instant and accurate recovery of knowledge under any circumstances. Our Data Recovery Service team provides FREE evaluation for our customers and adopt "No Data, No Charge" policy to make sure that the purchasers only buy the specified data recovered. We are committed to supply you the simplest service and solution and just in case we fail to satisfy up to your expectation or desired result, you are doing not need to pay a cent.

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We are a data recovery service provider in Nehru Place Delhi, Our process of data recovery is done through machines and latest technology equipment.

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