If you’ve lost important videos or recordings from a CCTV camera hard drive, then don’t worry. We at CCTV Data Recovery are here for your help, We have many valuable methods to get lost videos back with ease

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Sometimes accidentally CCTV videos deleted or damaged then, don’t panic! Because these videos or images can be recovered by restoring backup, recovery software or recovery services. There are CCTV Data Recovery methods available for recovering deleted CCTV Video or footage from any kind of DVR.
Getdataback CCTV data recovery service recovers video recordings from physically damaged hardware and
in any situation where recorded video is inaccessible or cannot be exported from the DVR. All CCTV DVR recovery (and forensic
analysis, where required) is performed by security-cleared by Getdataback CCTV data recovery engineers.

Steps involved in CCTV Data Recovery

Stage 1

HDD image capture and analysis of raw video data

Stage 2

Analysis of recovered hard drive images to identify raw video data format

Stage 3

Video Extraction

Stage 4

Conversion of extracted video to a playable format

All data stored on the hard drive(s) inside the CCTV DVR is forensically captured – a process known as hard drive imaging. If a hard drive is not operational and requires cleanroom engineering work, this will be quoted for upon evaluation.
After the data is captured, the image(s) are analysed to identify the raw video data format and where possible, identification of the date/time range of video recordings that exist within the hard drive data. If video of interest has been found, Stage 2 can be undertaken.
Ontrack’s proprietary software is used to extract video from the hard drive image(s). CCTV DVRs typically use proprietary file systems and non-standard video compression.
All recoverable video is converted to a playable format. Typically this can be played using Windows Media Player or similar software, however, if a specific software application is required to play the video, this will be provided along with full instructions. All video files returned are typically named with the date and time of the video footage within them and are separated by camera number. The files are returned on an encrypted USB hard drive.

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