With years of experience in the data recovery field and qualified technicians working around the clock, Get Data Back has the technical expertise to handle complex RAID Data Recovery. The process becomes much more complicated when dealing with a failed hard drive which is part of a RAID array, and this is why it is important for professional, experienced specialists to handle the Data Recovery.

Common recovery issues

  • RAID Drive Failure
  • RAID Controller Failure
  • RAID Array Corrupted
  • RAID Configuration Lost
  • RAID Degradation

Precautions to take for Raid Recovery

  • Do not try to rebuild or reinitialize your RAID
  • Do not run FSCK on your RAID
  • Do not run CHKDSK on your RAID
  • Leave RAID Recovery to the Experts

Our Data Recovery process involves state of the art resources and proprietary technology which allows Get data back to reconstruct and recover data from all types of RAID arrays.  Our recovery rate on complicated RAID 0 arrays, and all other RAID types is above industry standard and at affordable prices.

Get free quote today

At Get data back we always give a full evaluation and free quote to all of our clients.  You’ll know exactly how much data is recoverable and how long the process will take before making the decision to proceed.