Servers are used by businesses to manage data in a faster and safer way. So when the server goes down or crashes the effects on a company can be dramatic and needless to say, terribly disastrous. Suddenly all the data get lost? No matter which server you are using, data loss usually induces panic and you look for Server Data Recovery Service. Whether you are using file servers, web servers, application servers, virtual servers, accounting server, database server or other, data loss is rational to consider as a server is the lifeblood of business.

Server died and all your backups are gone? Equipped with a panel of certified server recovery engineers, we strive hard to recover the maximum amount of data within turnaround time. Use of the state of the art technology is done by experts for the salvage of failed, broken, corrupted, or inaccessible storage files.

Note: – In case of server failure, do not run any utilities. Hire experienced engineers to recover lost/ corrupted/ damaged data that ensures complete security.

Advantages of Get Data Back Server Recovery

  • Recover data from all types of failed servers and RAID arrays in most cases.
  • An experienced team of server data recovery engineers to recover data from all levels and types of RAID ARRAYS.
  • Quick recovery of data from NAS appliances, SAN, virtual servers, tape, or database servers.
  • Services for all manufacturers and operating systems & file types.
  • Custom data recovery for NAS, SAN, & RAID lost data within turnaround time.
  • Capable in assessing the server data loss scenarios.
  • Budget-friendly server data recovery service within turnaround time.
  • Enhanced data security & privacy protection.
  • Specialized equipment is used to bring out safe recovery.

Causes of Server Data Loss

Data loss from servers can happen through natural disasters, virus and hacker attacks, logical failures, disk crashes, electrocution, and human errors or mishandling.

There are many ways data loss can occur in the server. Some of them are listed below :

  • Server Hardware Upgrades – Files might get corrupted due to failed installation of hard drives. Server storage system configuration corruption
  • Intermittent drive failure – This results in storage, file system, and application level corruption.
  • Failed Array Controller – This leads to corruption of the drives on the array and causes the server to fail.
  • Multiple Failed Drives – In case of single failed drives on the array (any reason) remaining drives become more vulnerable to problems and ultimately lead to server failures.
  • Software Upgrades – New software might be incompatible with the existing system software and this file can be corrupted by conflicting software.
  • Antivirus Program – Antivirus software may identify a crucial file as malicious and can delete, truncate or overwrite a file in error.

There are so many other reasons like stripping corruption, overwritten files, mechanical hard drives failures, these not only make data losses but mark impacts on business productivity

Server Data Recovery Process By Professionals

When your server breaks down, look for the safest and surest methods of data recovery. The professionals understand the critical nature of systems failures types and provide full diagnostic report and details to get back data from malfunctioning servers. We have a team of dedicated engineers to handle all of the servers’ problems that can cause data loss. Because they have experience with all common server operating systems and file types, it takes them minimal time in recovery.

  • Risk-free diagnostic by certified recovery engineers.
  • Data Retainers engineers protect the privacy of your data.
  • Use of effective tools and techniques depending on the size of your server and your requested files.
  • Complete and successful recovery maintaining the integrity of your data.
  • 24 hours emergency data recovery service.

No matter it is a configuration error, failed data migration, software updates, OS errors, virus damage, or physical media damage, the specialists have proficiency in handling all the data loss circumstances

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